Weekly Menu 4/29/24-5/5/24


4/28/20241 min read

I guess I'm on an unintentional potato kick... Hope ya'll love potatoes, too! lol

"Roast Inspired" Mashed Potato Bowls (Vegetarian)

I'll be putting baby carrots, green beans, chopped celery, corn, sliced mushrooms and chopped onion (you can saute the veggies first to really bring out their flavors) in the slow cooker all day with brown gravy. By dinner time, they will be nice and tender. Serve the veggies and brown gravy over bowls of mashed potatoes.

Antipasto Sandwiches with Baked Potatoes (Vegetarian)

The recipe calls for dinner rolls to make little slider sandwiches but I'll be using full size sweet Hawaiian hamburger buns so that I don't have to bother with the little sliders and we'll have heftier sandwiches. I'll make my baked potatoes in my Instant Pot.

Click here for Antipasto Sandwich recipe

Chickpea Dijon Wraps with Roasted Dijon Garlic Potato Wedges (Vegetarian)

Click here for the Chickpea Dijon Wraps recipe

Click here for the Roasted Dijon Garlic Potato Wedges recipe

Asian-Inspired Crispy Chicken Rice Bowls

Mano's making his fried rice and we'll top it with shredded cabbage, stir fried veggies and crispy honey chicken

Biscuit Pizzas

Fun Food Friday!!! We all love these mini pizzas...they taste great and they are so easy to make!

Click here for the Biscuit Pizza recipe


Mano and I were invited to a party, so the kids will be having a fun easy dinner. Probably macaroni and cheese or cereal

Chicken Salad Sandwiches with Garlic Butter Potatoes and Pickle Spears

Make your favorite chicken salad recipe and serve it up on some good quality bread or buns and top with fresh crisp lettuce and baby spinach. I'm trying out a new chicken salad recipe that calls for rotisserie chicken, a Dijon-mayo sauce, diced red and green onions and chopped walnuts. I'll be serving the sandwiches alongside Garlic Butter Potatoes and pickle spears.

Click here for the Garlic Butter Potatoes Recipe (Instant Pot)