Weekly Menu 4/22/24-4/28/24


4/22/20242 min read

Ranch Chicken Wraps with Green Beans

I sprinkled chicken thighs with Parmesan Ranch seasoning and cooked them in my Instant Pot (on a trivet, so they didn't sit in the water). Then I shredded them and added softened cream cheese (use however much you want) and shredded cheddar and mixed well. I put the ranch chicken mixture in the center of a spinach-herb tortilla wrap and added chopped lettuce and spinach. I also offered chopped tomatoes to anyone who wanted those. Green beans were served on the side.

Steak, Rice & Cheese Enchiladas with Refried Beans

Mano found this recipe on the internet and we thought it looked good, so we gave it a try! Just take frozen grocery store burritos and put them in a baking dish. Pour red enchilada sauce (we used canned) over top of the burritos and bake according to the burrito package instructions. I did have to add on a few more minutes to ensure thorough cooking. Once they were finsihed baking, I sprinkled cheese on top and baked a few more minutes until completely melted. I served refried beans on the side. Side note: No one in my family likes the frozen burritos, so everyone (including myself) was hesitant to try these. BUT the enchilada sauce completely transformed them and everyone loved these!

McDonalds Take Out

Everyone in our house was sick and a lot of kids didn't want to eat at all, so we did end up picking up a few things at McD's for dinner

Tex Mex Bowls (Vegetarian)

Rice A Roni Mexican rice topped with chopped lettuce, corn, black beans, salsa, sour cream & avocado.

Garlic Bread Pizzas

Fun food Friday! Frozen Texas Toast garlic bread, topped with pizza sauce, pepperoni and shredded mozzarella. Bake until cheese is melted. You can bake the garlic bread for a few minutes to firm it up a little before baking it with everything on it.

Sweet Potato Taco Bowls (Stuffed Sweet Potatoes)

Mano doesn't like sweet potatoes, so I'll be making his with a regular baked potato. I make our potatoes in the Instant Pot because they always turn out absolutely delicious!

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Mediterranean Chopped Salad & White Bean Soup (Vegetarian)

Click Here For Salad Recipe

Click Here for Soup Recipe

I've been trying to incorporate more fresh veggies into our daily diet and we've all been really loving the variety.