The Journey of Becoming You

5/2/20244 min read

This is one of the surprise tulips that greeted me from my yard the other day. I've been living here for 4 years and don't remember ever seeing these tulips in my yard before....but this year there's a bunch of them! Maybe I just forgot they were there? hmmm...

Okay, so now on to today's post. I have been struggling with what to post. I keep seeing all of these "professionals" telling me that if I am to be a successful soul coach, then I need to present my life as though it is perfect in every way and that I have all the answers. But I feel like that's lying. No one has a perfect life. And no one has all of the answers. I think that the magic comes from showing people the real work that is involved in real life. I've never pretended that my life is perfect and I'm not about to start now. It also seems like when people (friends, family, clients, etc) talk to me about situations and issues that they are going through in life, I feel like I can see a lot of answers and paths clearly....but oftentimes, with my own issues, my vision can be cloudy or murky. I think that's part of the journey....the trusting and having faith in yourself that you can do this, even when the paths aren't so clear. That's how you develop self-confidence and deeper trust in yourself.

I have been going through a lot lately. What do I mean when I say that I've been going through a lot? I don't necessarily mean bad things. I've just been experiencing a lot of big lessons in, seemingly one right after the other. And because Creator often uses other people in my life as a mirror to help me recognize and identify where I need to do work on myself, I can't always be transparent and open about things I am going through....because that would be also telling someone else's story. And I don't have the right to tell someone else's story.

I have seen so many positive changes in myself. So much growth and expansion. Healing decades-old traumas that I had buried deep within. But then when you do that, you find yourself in limbo. Things are different. Your perspective has usually shifted a bit. You are no longer your past self. But you are also not yet the person that you are striving to be. You are just stuck somewhere in the middle. Funny enough, that is the bulk of our life's journey: that period of in-between. And it can be confusing. You have to force yourself to be flexible....but that seems like an oxy moron...forcing flexibility? Letting life flow and evolve....while you just allow it to be. I don't know about you, but that is a hard one for me. I'm a Capricorn, after all....going with the flow and being flexible isn't always easy for us Caps. We like to be in control of pretty much every aspect of our lives, having plans and backup plans and detailed itineraries every step of the way. Just letting yourself evolve into who you are meant to be requires a lot of faith that everything will be okay...and it will be just as it's supposed to be....another scary thought. But, when you really think about it, it's also a very freeing thought. To understand that you don't always need to view things as good or bad or to stress out that things aren't exactly going according to plan. Maybe they're not even remotely going according to plan. Hell, the plan may have caught fire and was tossed out the window entirely as you careened down the road of life, holding on for dear life.

I wasn't quite sure where this post was going to go exactly. Look at me, just trusting and leaning into faith. hahaha Now I can see that the message is forming itself. And that message is that you shouldn't be down on yourself when you find yourself at a crossroads and not sure which direction to go. Just trust the process. There are no wrong answers. Yes, there are some paths that are rougher than others and hold tougher lessons....but that doesn't mean that it's the wrong path. You know? Haven't you ever noticed that, after you come out of a really hard period of your life, after you have healed and settled in and begin living again....haven't you noticed that you learned a lot from that hard period? That you aren't exactly the same person that you were before you experienced those hardships and challenges? It would be absolutely impossible to be the same person. Because the whole point of the challenges and healing was exactly that: your personal growth. To help you grow closer to who you are meant to be.

We are all in the midst of becoming. We all have a starting point and an ending point....or is there no end? I'm not sure of that yet.... Every one of us has highs and lows. Don't judge yourself or belittle yourself if you are in a low period...because eventually you'll find yourself on the upswing again. Don't ever be afraid of learning and changing. We all go through it....don't let anyone ever tell you any differently. Our journeys just look different, is all. Some people change A LOT more than others. Custom made journeys for each individual.

Be proud of who you are and all that you have overcome. Proud of the person that you currently are and who you are slowly becoming. Because I am really proud of both of us!

Love, Monica