Being Authentic

The decision to be "perfect and professional" or to just be me

6/5/20243 min read

I have been so torn on what to blog about. Which is kind of funny because I have been blogging since around 2008. I blogged about absolutely everything that was me and my life: my work, my ventures into strange things like when I stopped using shampoo and deodorant, making natural remedies and homemade beauty products, mom life, pregnancy, menu planning, grocery hauls, recipes.... I wrote about my life.

But then I went through a spiritual awakening that came to a head in 2019 and realized that my calling was to help people find their happiness. It wasn't a sudden epiphany, really....the spiritual coaching....I had been doing it for years. I just didn't realize that it was actually a THING. You know? I have always had the sort of energy that naturally attracts people and makes them feel safe....and that drew a lot of hurting and toxic people, so I had to learn to implement and ENFORCE really strong boundaries in order to keep peace in my life. But that's a whole 'nother blog post! lol

Anyway, I went through a really, really, really bad depression that led to what I call a spiritual awakening. I found the courage to leave my almost 20 year abusive marriage, left Georgia and took my six kids and started a whole new life back in Ohio (my home state). As much as I wanted to be a coach and professional tarot reader, I had to take a full time office job for a couple of years. All of that to say that my blogging and whatnot all got put to the side.

Now I'm back home and doing soul coaching AND I'm a professional tarot reader! I have also been finding myself called to start blogging on occasion again....maybe even doing videos like I used to do. And that's where I'm running into a sticky situation. Every marketing professional has told me that I have to make a niche for myself and stick to it. And because I'm a Soul Coach, I also have to pretend like my life is absolutely perfect 100% of the time, otherwise people won't think that I can help them with their situations.

Folks, let me assure you that although I am happier than I have ever been in my life, it is still FAR from perfect. I am the mama of six kids, currently ranging in age from 5 years old to 23 years old. They all live here with me. As you can imagine, that comes with plenty of challenges.

I am also living with my partner, Mano. Ours was a whirlwind romance and we moved in together on our first date! (We grew up in the same small village, though he is considerably older than I am, so we never met then....we eventually became friends online and he fell for me pretty quickly and had been sliding into my DMs for well over 10 years before we decided to give it a shot. lol) He has uncontrolled diabetes and hence lots of diabetic complications which brings a lot of challenges into the mix. He's a Pisces and I'm a Capricorn (ahahahaha!!) We're both also working on healing past traumas...and we began to notice that the other person tends to trigger our own traumas which tends to incite fiery and toxic responses....which then triggers an equal response in the other. It's a whole thing. And something we recognize, acknowledge and are actively working on. And we're seeing real results coming from the work we've been putting in... But...yeah...we definitely wouldn't say that our relationship is perfect and without its challenges. But we love the fuck out of each other and are so excited to see how life unfolds for us!

I come from a very abusive background with decades of traumas inflicted upon me which has created a lot of insecurities and fucked up ways of thinking. I have spent years working on and healing these issues and breaking cycles. But inner growth is NEVER complete. There will always be more work that someone can do on themselves.

So let me be clear: if you are looking for a Soul Coach who has a perfect life and deals with everything with pristine clarity and spotless life choices, I am not your gal. But if you are looking for someone with an amazing personality, empathy, has great tools for helping with healing and life's challenges and who genuinely wants to help people....Hi! I'm so happy to meet you!

(Note to self: I really love that last paragraph....I may put it in my About Me section....) for planting myself into a niche. Dude. I'm a multi-faceted person. I love to experience different things in life. I love experimenting. I love trying weird new things. And I really love to share these things with people. So my blog and my website is definitely going to reflect that.

And if all of that means that I'm going to lose followers, then so be it. Because I'm not going to be fake just to bring people in.

Love you all! xoxo